Shoulder Pain Relief

shoulder brace female left arm
shoulder brace full neck free support
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DITH Neck Free Shoulder System

  • All of the benefits of an arm -shoulder airplane immobilizer with greater comfort and much less inconvenience.
  • No uncomfortable neck straps
  • Multi-point immobilization system
  • Provides secure immobilization preventing shoulder motion and resists stress in abduction and adduction
  • The DITH Airplane Neck Free Shoulder/Arm Abduction System provides ideal and customized positioning for shoulder, elbow, hand and wrist injuries. It also allows incorporation of custom or off the shelf wrist and hand orthoses. Compliance with airplane abduction treatment is greatly enhanced due to the extraordinary comfort and ease of use.

  • The first complete shoulder system designed to prevent frozen shoulder.
  • Extraordinary stability with the combined internal strut support and soft pillow design.
  • Elimination of neck pain due to the neck strain associated with other currently available airplane abduction immobilizers that put stress on your neck and can cause pain, numbness and tingling, potentially increasing problems in these areas.
  • Easy customization of the hand and wrist immobilization allows a patient to intermittently use their arm (within prescribed limits) to wash hands, hold a piece paper or even just to eat.
  • Exceptional comfort and cosmesis with effective immobilization thereby increasing patient compliance and recovery.