Neck Pain Relief

aspen vista neck support
aspen vista neck support on a girl

Aspen Vista TX Collar

How a Collar Treats Neck Pain

Restricts Motion - The Vista collar acts as a kinematic restrictor of gross motion. This prevents the patient from turning their head quickly and maintains neutral alignment of the head and neck. This prevents an exacerbation of the current condition and creates a safe and controlled environment for healing.

Cradles Axial Load - The Vista collar supports the weight of the head. This can relieve muscle spasm and reduce fatigue. This can also reduce pain radiating through the shoulders and upper extremities resulting from nerve root compression or impingement. The goal of physicians is to get their patients back to normal or pre-injury activities of daily living. The Vista TX Cervical Collar can be a valuable tool in treating your patients. As an adjunct to current therapies, wear the Vista TX as needed to address pain as well as during activities that typically cause a pain episode such as sleeping, long car rides and after a long day at work for:

Sprains/Strains - Stress of ligaments and musculature

Whip Lash - Inflammation due to sudden movement

Radicular Pain - Pain in extremities caused from neck problems

Cervicogenic Headaches - pain originates in the cervical spine, neck, and upper shoulders

Understanding Neck Pain and Poor Posture

With instability caused by injury, poor posture, or simply the weight of the head, neck muscles tighten to protect from further injury. This muscle-guarding phenomenon over-works the neck, causing pain and fatigue. In addition, poor posture can put force the vertebrae that can cause pressure on the nerve, degeneration and severe stress.