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Aspen 631 back brace

Aspen Summit 631

The Aspen Summit 631 is to provide effective lumbar support  and pain relief at an economical price.  It features two separate draw strings that control the upper and lower pulley systems in the rear to target the amount of compression being applied to your lumbar region.  The rear panel has a semi-rigid design that is flexible enough to contour to the shape of your lower back with ease.  The product's breathable material construction, along with the tapered, low profile sides, makes the Summit 631 back brace a great choice for individuals wanting a comfortable brace for all day wear.  This particular Aspen Summit LSO model is often used to provide effective pain relief for chronic low back pain, discogenic injuries, sciatica, and more.

Aspen Summit 631 Back Brace Features:

  • SlickTrack tightening pulley system in the rear provides independent upper and lower tightening of the pulley system.
  • Dual drawstring design is easy for individuals with limited hand strength.
  • Flexible rear panel design conforms to the shape of everyone's unique lower back curvature.
  • Breathable materials throughout for use over or underneath clothing.
  • Low profile tapered sides are comfortable for use with all body shapes and sizes.
  • Available in four sizes to fit individuals.


Aspen 456 back brace front
Aspen 456 back brace back

Aspen Summit 456

The Aspen Summit 456 is designed to help patients return to a more active lifestyle from injuries to the thoracic and lumbar spine areas. The lightweight device helps return forward-flexed kyphotic patients to a more balanced mid-range position restores balance and reduces chronic pain. The Aspen Summit 456 reduces excessive trunk motion while creating an environment for effective healing for both thoracic and lumbar injuries. It features a flexible rear lumbar pad that conforms to every body shape and fully adjustable straps above for a comfortable fit. The TLSO can be used to treat compression fractures, burst fractures, kyphosis, and fusions.

Aspen Summit 456 Features:

  • Provides effective thoracic and lumbar stabilization.
  • Flexible lumbar pad contours to each individual's lumbar curvature for a great fit.
  • Fully adjustable shoulder straps for a customized tension.
  • Fits a wide range of patients.
  • Available in four sizes.

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